Transform the way your home functions!
An online program that goes BEYOND basic decluttering.  

Easy Access to Quality Videos

Learn at Your Own Pace

Step by Step Guidance

Less Stressful Home Care
Build Strong Habits and Routines
Make your home easier to manage by establishing effective habits and routines.
Discover the True Source of Frustration
Trace your frustrations to their source and solve the problems once and for all.
Enjoy the Freedom
Living On Less
Become a disciplined shopper and protect your home from future clutter and excess.
"I’ve reached that point of often feeling overwhelmed and in over my head. The speaker’s cheerful and encouraging disposition and breaking down some of these huge tasks was helpful in providing perspective and hope in addressing these areas, bit by bit. It was also a huge encouragement in less is more."
Shannon, Homeschooling Mama of 6
Practical Instruction with Powerful Results!
  • Access videos at your convenience.
  • Focus on areas that need the most attention.
  • ​Work through lessons at your own pace.


Toys are the perfect tools to teach our kids valuable life-lessons such as responsibility, generosity, and contentment.  Transform your play areas from battle grounds into training grounds! 


From clearing the counters to efficient meal plans, discover simple strategies to keep the most multifunctional room of your home running smoothly.


Our wardrobe can be the most personal category of stuff in our house. Overcome emotional obstacles, ditch unwearable pieces, complete those incomplete outfits, and make choosing what to wear easy!

House Cleaning

When the house is clean, every other task becomes easier! Establish efficient routines, train your kids to help out, and enjoy the relief of a tidy home.


Moving is a perfect opportunity to start from scratch and make your new home function better!  Learn how to make the most of your "do-over" without overwhelming yourself in the process.

Diagnostic Tool

Trace the symptoms of frustration back to their source, and heal your home from the inside out.

...and more.

New series are being added every season, and viewers have a chance to provide valuable input for future projects. 
Meet Trisha
Creating order out of chaos has always been a source of joy for me.  
It is just a part of who I am.  Helping someone’s life transform from 
frustrating & difficult to enjoyable & easy is an amazing experience!  

Home on Purpose was made with you in mind: Moms who are tired of being overwhelmed by stuff and want to be free to enjoy their lives.
"You can really tell that Trisha was a teacher for so many years.  Her presentation skills, pace, clarity, and articulation are engaging, and super 
easy to follow."

"Trisha has given me more ideas and encouragement to take care of projects 
I have let slide, but that cause me daily discomfort. Thank you!!!!!"


"Thank you all for doing this! It has changed the way we look at our home and what we bring in to the home. My husband has noticed a huge change in my spending habits and he is going to help me stick to them!"


Set Up a Personal Consultation

Spend one-on-one time with Trisha and develop a customized game-plan for your home and your family.


My 9 year old son has ADHD and many of his struggles affect cleaning, organizing, and determining what to keep and what to toss.
Trisha was an amazing listener and she put together a plan that was specific for our family. My son is feeling so much freedom now that he is not suffocated by a crazy room! Mom and Dad learned a lot, too. 
It's been a few weeks and his room STILL looks great...most importantly, we haven't been fighting about it!  
-Annie Nichols, homeschool mom
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